Do you want to purchase a second-hand vehicle without emptying your reserves account? Here are some of the expert tips for making the correct choice. Trade a used car without having it inspected is very dangerous. You could quickly discover yourself with a host of repairs to pay, in addition to the car loan payments. Inspection is not the only thing to think about,  used cars in phoenix however. Follow the guide.

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Before purchase

We put the budget for the purchase of the car at $ 6,000.Belowthis amount, high-quality used vehicles in terms of mileage and maintenance costs – are fewer common. Do your study and be sensible the first step for you is to believe about your needs, not just the type of vehicle you dream of. What trip will you make? What is actually important to you: fuel economy, interior space, trunk size? This will direct you to an exact category of vehicles. “Stay practical: you need a dependable and well-maintained car, the merely “extra.”To think are systems that get better road safety, for example, an electronic stability regulator [also called ESP]. “. A mistake not to make: acquire an old model of a sports car or more comfort car – essentially a European, like a BMW or a Mercedes – sold at an attractive price, but which will lead you into a financial abyss in maintenance costs and under repair due to its complex mechanics. Is there any way to trust a small number of safe values? “Japanese cars are often high-quality choices. Even if it is not a total rule, they are well constructed, and the mechanics stay simple and easy to repair. Finally, there are several tools, guides, and magazines that will allow you to study the different models, make a comparison, and detect recurring mechanical problems.

Establish a budget, including maintenance

In addition to the cost of acquiring the vehicle, you will need to budget for oil changes, new tires, and repairs that appear over time. Experts consulted here estimate that the budget for this work is approximately $ 1,000 per year. In expectation of these repairs.

 Choose your type of seller

Is it  always  better to buy from a dealer, a old car dealer, or an person? ”  Be aware, however, that if you buy from an individual, you will not benefit from the protection offered by the Consumer Protection Act (see box). George Iny, president of the Automobile Protection Association (APA), points out that a merchant will ask for more than an individual – sometimes between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000 more.