Project your desired designs on T-shirts by silk screen printing

Do you have any plan to start silk screen printing in your home? You can make is easy with the minimum amount of screen printing materials. Before that, you must know something about this silk printing. At first, this silk printing is little frightening. But is very easy than it seems and it makes possible of performing this silk printing in your own place. This silk screen printing has been mostly used on the garments, t-shirts and other fabrics. Moreover, it is also used on the metal, paper, wood and so on. This printing technique uses the silk fabric for supporting ink block. Then, the image will be transferred to the garments. Here, the larger roller or squeegee will apply to the stencil and it pumps the ink on the garment. This is the way of printing images or designs on the t-shirts. In fact, this silk screen printing has appeared at the time of song dynasty ion china which was in the period of 960-1279 CE. If you want to perform this silk screen printing, you can purchase the kit form the reputed online source like keygadgets. For more details, you can visit

Guide to do screen printing in your house

The screen printing is the popular way of increasing the productive customers through the attractive designs on t-shirts. This silk printing is also performed in your own house by using the proper kit and proper way of transferring the images on t-shirts. Even though this silk printing seems very difficult and intimidating, it is very easy to use than it looks. Do you have any idea to make that silk screen printing in your house? Follow the given ways should help you to make that possible in a right way.

  • First, you have to get your supplies for silk screen printing.
  • Then, you should create the image which you want to print in t-shirts.
  • And then, you need to coat the screen.
  • After that, expose that image on the screen
  • Clean the screen and then print it!

These are the ways to do the silk screen printing in your own house. Follow the steps and make this silk screen printing victorious!