Everything to know about Mario brothers characters

Nowadays, it is very hard to find out the house without mobile phone and computer due to the benefits and importance of those devices. Though these technological developments helps people in many way, the entertainment part of such devices are amazing and never let you in boredom situations ever. In the entertainment part, you have lots of options to entertain yourself. Here, playing video games is one of the effective ways to get away from your boring situations. In fact, there are plenty of video games available for you to play. Here, super Mario bros game is one of the famous video games which has been developed and published by the Nintendo entertainment system. This game was released in the year of 1985 in North America. This Mario franchise is the most popular gaming serious in the entire world. So, the Mario bros characters are no less popular on this universe because of its popularization. Due to the pioneer of this game, this game have been on the items around this world and that are clothes,  coffee tables, games, memorabilia and now theme parks and amusement.  If you are very much interested in this game and want to know more about mario brothers characters then hit the source which is known as original console games online source. From here, you can get to know everything about the characters of this game.

Mario brothers characters

If you are very much interested in playing games, there are plenty of options available out there to choose. Here, super Mario game is one of the most popular games on this world. To play this Mario game, the Mario characters are very important for it.  Some of them are the friends of Mario and rest of the characters is the enemies of Mario. If you want to know the friends list of Mario game, take a look at the below listed points.

  • Rosalina is one of the friends of Mario and it plays the huge and important role in this Mario galaxy games.
  • And tode & toadette is also the friend of Mario. Here, the toadette is a female version of the toad.
  • Diddy kong is one of the friendly characters of the mario game which is the notable friendly of donkey kong.
  • Here, birdo is also one of the friendly characters of Mario game and this birdo is also known as Catherine in japan.

These are the Mario friends list. If you want to know more about mario brothers characters, get enter into the original console games to obtain the details of it.