Organizing Fundraising Event on a Budget

Like any event, organizing a fundraising is dictated by budget. With this, the key is to maximize the amount of money that can go directly to the cause while running a good event. Your goal here is to ensure that the fundraising event is well attended. It’s indeed a challenge to strike a balance between increasing attendance and keeping the costs down. However, there are things that you can do.

Here are some tips on organizing fundraising event on a budget:

Choose the right fundraiser idea
There are many fundraiser ideas out there but if you want to stir the interest of donors, you should think of something worthwhile. It’s time that you think about a proven profitable product – coffee. Coffee is a great idea because it’s considered the second most traded commodity on Earth next to oil. As long as you have the right promotional strategies, your fundraising event will be a success. Look for a supplier
After deciding to conduct a coffee fundraiser, it’s time to look for a supplier. It’s important that you find a reasonable supplier so you can raise more money at the end of the day. The good news is that there are many companies that can help you. You can even get in touch with certain coffee shops to get involved and supply coffee packs.
coffee fundraiser
Pick a sales team
When it comes to promotional strategies, your sales team is the most important asset. If you have a youth group, you should start finding volunteers from supporters and members. After that, you can establish guidelines and sales pitch so they can use it with prospective customers. Do not forget to set up a sales incentive program as a way of motivating your team to sell more coffee.

Decide on the venue early
You should start identifying the right venue for the event. When deciding, you should be open and flexible as much as possible. The more time you give yourself to researching and visiting potential venues, the better. Early planning is important because it will give you time to seek out the cheapest option that will meet your needs.

Go digital
In the digital world, printing is passé and it’s expensive. If you want to save on printing costs, you should go digital. This means that every organizing aspect is online. In terms of widening your reach, you should make the most out of social media. Increasing your online presence to promote and publicize your event can make a big difference.

It’s time you make full use of your existing networks and contacts to share your event. This will essentially amplify your marketing message. Do not be afraid to reach out to people and ask them to share your event with their followers. If you have email lists, you need to utilize it well.

Source out entertainment
As much as possible, try to minimize the number of third parties at your fundraising event – especially those that require a fee. Look for speakers and performers that are willing to give their services for free. If that is not possible, consider the costs carefully.