5 reasons why a gadget insurance is important

Gadgets are becoming more and more expensive. The new Galaxy Fold will cost no less than $1980. It’s so expensive that you’re almost afraid to hold it. Some people put all their savings into a new mobile smartphone and yet, it’s still a device to be used. You carry it with you, so the chance that something happens to it is significant. Therefore, a gadget insurance policy is advised. You can get one via Gadget Cover. Read honest reviews of Gadget Cover here. We would like to tell you what an insurance company will be able to do for you.

Manufacturing Errors

No one is perfect and not even the machines that are used to create your mobile device and its parts are flawless. Therefore, there is a small chance that your smartphone happens to have a manufacturing error. Within a certain warranty period, the manufacturer will cover the damages caused by a manufacturing error. But that warranty period is limited and even within the warranty period, there are things that a warranty just won’t cover. Then, an insurance company can step in and cover at least part of the repairs.

Accidental Damage

It happens to everyone: you drop your phone and the display breaks. Or the device slips through your hands and falls in a puddle of water. Mobile phones are thinner, smaller and therefore more fragile than their old counterparts. They are, unfortunately, not as sturdy and unbreakable as the old Nokia devices who are said to be nigh indestructible. Accidents happen and an insurance company can save you the financial problems that come with them. Regardless of whose fault the accident is, your insurance company will help you pay for the repairs.

water damage

Liquid Damage

The example of the puddle is a typical case of water damage. This kind of damage will be covered by an insurance policy, just like accidental damage is.


We already established that mobile phones are becoming extremely expensive. That makes them a wanted target for thieves. These thieves can get money for them even if they don’t have the original box in which the device was sold. They can also do without a receipt. You’d be amazed by the number of people that are willing to believe the story of a device that is superfluous and the box has already been thrown away, even if the device less than a year old. Via insurance money, you won’t get your old device back and the details on your SIM are probably lost, but you will get some money to get yourself a new smartphone.


You can’t keep an eye on everything and sometimes your smartphone slips your attention when you exit a bus or leave work. The next time, someone else has taken it and you never see it again. Most insurance policies cover the loss of your smartphone but check whether it is a basic or optional addition to your policy. Also, make sure that any immediate family members who sometimes use your device are also covered.