Singapore Short Term Rental: Directory for Tenants And Landlords

It’s not easy to rent for Short Term Accomodation Singapore, not just because of the high rents in the city. In Singapore, renting is strictly regulated and regulations are even more restrictive when it comes to short-term rental options of less than a year.

And, if you ever have to rent a place for a short time or talk about renting out your own house, this is what you need to learn.

What is the standard rental period in Singapore for short-term rentals?

Based on whether you are looking to borrow (or sell) an HDB flat or private property like a home, the required rental period varies.

HDB flat fixed rental term: HDB flats can be leased only for at least 6 months. HDB flat owners generally tend to obey the rules, as being caught for flouting them might mean confiscating their home!

Private property fixed rental period: The total rental period is 3 months when it comes to private properties such as apartments or landed homes.

Short Term Rental

Most of the property that you will see on short-term rental listing platforms such as Airbnb would come within this group. But, as you may have noticed, most Airbnb tourists rent the property for a couple of days, not three months. This is technically illegal, but for shorter periods, many landlords choose to risk it and rent their property.

To whom would you rent a property?

Who is an eligible tenant?Technically, Singapore nationals and PRs, or legal country residents, are the only people allowed to rent a property.

To be a legal person, you must have an occupational pass or a work permit, a college pass, a dependent pass or a long-term social stay pass. Note that there is no mention of tourist visas here. However, mining, engineering, maritime and shipping work permit holders must be Malaysian— non-Malaysian staff in these sectors are typically made to stay in dormitories.

Who is allowed to rent a private property? When it comes to private property such as condominiums and landed houses, you can rent your property to anyone legally residing in Singapore (not including tourists), as long as you obey the minimum rental period rules.