Choosing the Best in DSLR Photography is Perfect Now

It has been common for a few years now to film with your DSLR. In the hands of a skilled person and with some useful accessories, very nice videos can be made. It might be a little more difficult than with a compact digital camera or a handycam. But if you realize how it works, you quickly discover the added value of a DSLR to film with.

Understanding the Value

To understand that added value, it might be easy to understand where to place a 4k Dlsr if you want to film it. You cannot compare it with filming with your phone or with a compact camera. That would also be a little annoying to make better films with your smartphone (which is really not cheap now) than with your DSLR. It is fair to make a comparison concerning filming between a DSLR and a handycam. To begin with, of course, everything to his money. A cheaper entry DSLR is probably less likely to make beautiful films than an expensive handycam and vice versa.

The Primary Function

But whereas a handycam is made purely for filming, you still have the primary function to photograph with a DSLR. And by coincidence you can also film with it. The benefits of photography that also apply to film are automatically taken into account. The big advantage of a handycam is that it really is everything in one. With a DSLR you have a number of disadvantages that you can bridge but what you are likely to cost extra money or what is uncomfortable. So the sound with a DSLR for filming is still not that great. A separate microphone (later more about that) can solve that.

Filming and Taking the Photograph

When you want to film a lot and do not want to make high-quality film productions; seriously consider a good Camera. For 1000 to 1500 euros you have handycams where you can make really good films. Cameras with fluid-stabilized lenses where a good quality film comes out and where you also have good sound. If you go up to a maximum price, you will soon take home an entry-level professional film camera.


Because that is actually the big disadvantage of filming with a 4k Dlsr. Although the quality may be better than with a handycam, it is much more expensive. To begin with, the camera itself. But also the objectives. Maybe an external microphone, a special lamp (your flash is a bit senseless when filming) and you notice that you have already lost a lot of money.