Decor The Rooms With Wall Borders

Are you bored of that old walls of the room? Looking for something different that looks attractive? Well, we have an option for you wall borders. These wall borders gives the room an attractive finished look with the help of peel and stick border. It is the best way to décor the room for which you were looking forward.These borders create a stylish stripe of colour on your walls that can easily be removed or repositioned. The designs are available for each kind of rooms.

Features of borders

  • Makes room look attractive
  • Available in different varieties
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • The position of the borders can be changed easily
  • The borders are of peel and stick type which means the can be applied easily on walls without mess.

Types of wall borders

There are many different kinds of borders available in the market. You can choose the borders according to the type of your room. Here, we are listing you about some of the border types:

  • Vinyl wall borders- these borders are very popular types of border in the market and can be installed in any room. These wall borders have a design printed on a paper backing and later they are treated with vinyl top coat and many wall borders in the market today are coated with vinyl.
  • Embossed wall borders- the designs on these wall borders are pressed on to a paper backing in such a way that it gives a raised effect of texture. These designs are best to hide any imperfections on the borders.
  • Fabric- backed vinyl borders- these borders are best to be user in high traffic areas. The back side of the border is made up of weaved woven fabric along with a plastic vinyl coating at the top. These can be installed on the rough walls and room like kitchen, kids room or bathroom.
  • Flock border- these borders have a texture just like a fuzzy velvet and are printed on baking of paper. The flock design creates a 3 D effect. These borders require special care to be installed.
  • Natural grass cloth border- this is a natural handcrafted border, made by placing grass or vines on the border backings with glue. These are the borders that are very delicate to work with. Pasting and installation of these borders is a bit trick but the effect that these borders give to the room is commendable.

There are many more kinds of borders available in the market having different features. Chose your wall borders and make you rooms look attractive.