Connecting with people using Best finder

Social media sites offer people a way to connect with their peers and family members, across the world. Snapchat, Kik, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are a few of the popular methods.  Some are more used in one part of the world than another and more apps are being developed to help people stay in touch. A new app that helps users reach out to new people on other social platforms is

How does it work?

Youngsters who are Kik and Snapchat users will find that it is quite easy to register and use this new App. They are asked to provide basic information like their name, age and any other details requested. They can also mention if they have a Snapchat or Kik account. Those who want to share, can include details about their interests so that it becomes easier to find people with similar likes. Bestfinder lets users interested in sexting and sharing videos to do so easily.

Even on Kik and Snapchat, users have the facility of remaining anonymous and protect their privacy. This way, even by using Bestfinder people can share more information only when they want to.  Currently, even though this online service works with sites like Snapchat and Kik, it doesn’t work with sites like Instagram and Messenger. The easiest way to find people with similar interests is to explore username lists, after registering on this site.

Basically, this site works as a database of usernames and contacts making it easier for people across different platforms reach out to each other.  Since it is free, more people are using it to make new friends and sharing a wide range of experiences. The reason it is becoming very popular is that users can submit profiles without giving away their identity.

Terms of Service

Before signing up, users should know that information published by them is available for public viewing.  Users must be of legal age and agree to terms and conditions of the site.  Users are also legally prohibited from publishing material which is copyright protected and/or sexually explicit content. is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years.