Pensacola is, by American standards, quite an old little town. With a population of just over 50,000, it boasts of some of the finest Golf Courses in the Country. The oldest was opened in 1902, and newer Golf Courses have been added at regular intervals since then. Each Golf Course has been specially designed, by the best Architects, and the naturally lush landscape has been augmented to provide nature at its best, tweaked by Man. Pensacola Golf Courses can be regarded as the eighth wonder of the world, for their mathematical perfection combined with their natural beauty.

Courses Beloved of Golfers

The most ancient of the Pensacola Golf Courses, today, is the Pensacola Country Club. Opened in 1902, it was designed by the two most famous specialist designers of Golf Courses in the US. Donald J. Ross, ASGCA, was already known as the foremost Golf Course designer at that time, and was known for his fine mapping of the Courses as well as the classical stately mansions that accompanied his Golf Courses. The landscape and gardening of the Golf Course is perfectly maintained to this day, through the leadership and tireless attention to details, by Jim Story, CMM CCE. The most famous Golf Courses in Pensacola are the jointly administered Courses under the group name of A.C. Read Golf Courses, who have won at-least one award each and are compositely revered as amongst the Best Golf Clubs in the world. These Courses are:

  • Bayou is situated 1.9 miles from the center of Pensacola, and its 9 Holes stretches 3,366 yards with a Par 36.
  • Lakeview is situated next to Bayou, and is also a 9 Hole Course (Par 36 again), and is 3,296 yards long.
  • Bayview is again a 9 Hole, 3,248 yards long, Par 36 Course.
  • Executive is a full length Golf Course, 4,292 yards long, and is Par 60 with 18 Holes.

Pensacola Golf Courses

All of these four Courses have already won at-least one national prize already.

Other Famous Golf Clubs

  • Perdido Bay Golf Club (GC)
  • Tiger Point GC
  • Lost Key GC
  • Pensacola Navy Base GC
  • Glenlakes GC
  • Stonebrooks GC
  • Scenic Hills GC
  • Marcus Pointe GC
  • Edwin Watts GC

All these Golf Courses have great layout, and careful environmental planning with a constant natural sea breeze creates a recreational sport that is at once relaxing and pleasantly strenuous.