Here are some rules to seek your partner

When you are communicating with someone on anything personal or professional, there are certain rules you have to follow in order to come out on the top. If you have opened accounts in websites and apps to find a person to date, there are certain rules you have to observe to maximize your chances of being successful in finding a better response. Consider the following rules or tips to cruise through online dating.

Discard The Negatives – The first thing you should do before considering someone to go on a date with is going through his or her profile. The complete profile says a lot about the person. What you really need to look at is whether the person falls into the category of positive or negative person. If the data, photos, quotes, posts and others indicate that the person is negative, it does not matter how handsome, beautiful, and tempting the look is, you got to discard him or her.

Be Honest – There are a lot of people who put up photos where they have excessive makeup to look completely different than what they actually look in reality. Furthermore, they fill fake details to impress the viewers. You should never try the trick even though it is tempting. This will ensure that you do not have to lie and make the other person dislike you when you reveal your real face. Do not lie about age, post recent photos and as real as possible, don’t hide your occupation and likewise.

Patience – Sometimes your lack of patience can ruin a relationship even before it forms. You should allow a person at least 3-4 hours to respond. Never show your impatience as it is considered to be a negative as you seem to be a desperate and not interested in long-term things. Just because a person is not replying instantly does not mean he or she is not interested. Online dating takes time to find the right and quality match.

Connect On Other Platforms – Do not go out with a person by being impressed with his or her conversation or photos. Connect with them on social media platforms like Facebook and others and go through their profile. You never know, you can discover unpleasant things and cancel your date. It is always better to do some background checking to create trust factor. As a matter of fact, before going on a date, it is better to have a few video chats to understand the person in reality.