There are innumerable apps one can install with the help of smart phones. Particularly when  comes to top end phones and devices like Apple’s iPhone, ipad, iPod and others it is evident that a user can be sure of safety, control, efficiency and the best quality. Hence the number of users hitting markets for these devices is increasing day by day.  While Apple does not compromise on quality, there are certain major problems which tend to act as barriers for productive customers.  The company’s restrictions regarding downloading apps and customising the settings made users either to switch to other devices or find an alternative way of decoding its software. This process of freeing iPhone from the limitations imposed by its manufacturer is called Jail breaking. It has certain tools that enter in to the system and break open certain files by transferring certain instructions. The app Cydia has emerged as latest iPhone jailbreak with many apps under its provision. It also has its own developers who constantly build new apps. Check links like Sicmobile to see how to jail break Apple devices.

What actions does Jail breaking perform?

  • Decode the carrier: Apple does not allow other carriers to be run in its devices. This irritates users and jail breaking enables unlocking the carriers and let any carrier operate in its device.
  • Allow settings: This is one of the biggest provisions that will be made by jail breaking. After the process, you will be able to modify the themes, change the font size, colour displays and other changes in settings. You can also add more apps and gadgets to your device and expand space.
  • Allows third party apps: By freeing the device for more settings Jail breaking can allow third party applications like Samsung apps, Android apps.  With more number of apps available to be installed the user can choose from a wide variety of native and third party applications that suit his/her requirement.
  • Notification and colour settings can be changed: You ca change notification changes and colour settings. By making it possible, jail breaking enables you to trigger some applications and interchange some of the icons for easy reference.
  • Managing file manager: Latest versions of iPhone do not have this important feature.

latest iPhone jailbreak

Points to be noted before jail breaking:

  • In the initial stages you might be thrilled to work on your phone after jail breaking as it gives access to all kinds of settings and apps. Being able to install your favourite apps and modifying your phone’s

Settings like themes and colours will help you adopt new look to your phone.

  • Damage to the device: All fine but if something unexpected happens like phone getting damaged because of unforeseen events any other destruction you can’t rely on your manufacturer Apple or carriers AT&T and Verizon. You will have to spend lot of money setting it proper again. Your warranty will be null and void.
  • Threats of slowing down: After jail breaking there are chances that your device slows down to a crawl. Change of settings and inclusion of new apps may show its effect on the phone and your device can slow down in its operations.
  • Catching viruses: There are many examples of jail broken devices catching viruses and bugs. Hacking phone relatively becomes easier as the security measures taken up by the manufacturer will no longer be valid.

So before deciding to jail break your device see that the aforesaid issues don’t arise and you take the help of a trusted source: in performing the task. These days there are many tutorials and class on how to jail break your device. Else take the help of a reliable website where you can have step by step instructions on how to jail break iPhone.

latest iPhone jailbreak

What is the latest and trusted iPhone jail breaker?

The latest iPhone jail break is Cydia. It is an all in one package designed for mobile apps for ios operating system.  This enables unauthorised installation of Apple apps by making the phone rooted.  Once you jail break your device, Cydia is automatically installed in some cases. Since it has its own developers who develop their own apps apart from the ones installed from the target device, it has become very popular since its inception 10 years back.

How to launch Cydia?

You can take any online service that serves automation if you don’t find any reliable application. If not there are many online tutorials that provide jail breaking classes.  You can install Cydia through two methods. The first one is by unlocking iPhone, ipad or any other device. Cydia is automatically installed the moment you unlock iPhone.  If you require manual installation, then go to the official page of the developer.

Whether to jail break your device or not is an important decision as it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.  As such, Apple comes with sophisticated software, high end security and flawless design. Excepting certain limitations, the company offers outstanding service. But if you are a design and new app freak you can try jail breaking once.