Magical Waterfall Sites to Visit While in East Iceland

Going on a trip real soon? Are you currently in the hunt for the best place to visit next? If that is the case, may we suggest Iceland?

Iceland might not be a popular country to visit but it definitely struck a chord with its locals and tourists alike. One particular place to visit is Eastfjords (East Iceland) which is very popular because of many reasons. It covers 22,000 square kilometers. Before planning out your Iceland trip, here are magical waterfall sites worth visiting.

Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss

Should you be near Egilsstaðir, you might want to take a visit as well to Hengifoss. This is one natural attraction which houses the third tallest falls in Iceland. It is 118 meters high. This is located on the canyon side that’s surely a sight you can’t miss. It is also visually stunning and truly inviting too. The red strips add oomph to this waterfall sight making it distinct and different from the rest.


Just when you think the waterfall in Hengifoss is beautiful, wait there’s more. Another attraction is growing. The Gufufoss waterfall is another site to behold. This waterfall dumps water with extreme velocity. This is one powerful waterfall hence it is quite difficult to come close. You can see the water vapor expelled at a great distance. Tourists are advised to prepare themselves whenever they visit the site. You can get wet if you want to be enclosed with its beauty. So try to maintain a good distance. Apart from the waterfall, there’s lush vegetation around it making it truly appealing and beautiful.


Sveinsstekksfoss has another waterfall that is worth visiting. It might be compact and modest but the view still is stunning. This waterfall is along the Fossa River. This lies a little northeast of Djúpivogur. The waterfall has a height of 49 feet. But its beauty does not stem from its similarity with the other waterfalls. It is not of straight descent. The water follows a zig-zag pattern down. This makes it all the more unique and appealing. The view likewise is amazing. This has got to be a truly one of a kind waterfall to not miss.

Iceland is truly a nation filled with great and wonderful waterfalls. These are truly nature’s gift to us. So better book that ticket straight to Iceland and take down notes of these places and waterfalls. For sure, you will not regret the decision.